Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Silence Beneath the Bark / Le Silence sous l'écorce

the silence beneath the bark / le silence sous l'écorce from joanna lurie on Vimeo.

Hello Friends! 
As I have been holed up in my room doing assignments for the past two months I have felt the need to take a short break to allow myself some time to recover emotionally, mentally and physically. There were various things that happened and the end of semester for me, was slightly traumatizing and soul crushing. I'd like to write about my experiences a little bit later but for now I don't think I'm quite prepared to dive back in and relieve everything so soon after it's over. I came across this gorgeous animated short film today and thought it would be nice to share it with you all; as well as a nice way to say hello after quite a period of being absent.

The Silence beneath the bark is the creation of French animator Joanna Luire, which I think she released in 2010 (?). The film captured my attention with its magical use of music and the contrasting elements of vibrant character design being set against the abstract background. The curious and inquisitive nature of the characters is almost reminiscent to that of childlike innocence and there's something about their interactions that just makes you smile. 

I'll leave the film to be open for your interpretation, however, if you would like to learn the artists' intent behind the concept you can check out the link below.

Documentary about "The Silence Beneath the Bark" with Joanna Lurie (English Dub)

Till next time!

Maisy XXX

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Starting Over

I'm lying in bed, staring at the orange red glow hitting the beam on the ceiling emitted from my salt lamp. The idea of sleep is appealing, in preparation for the busy day to come, yet sleep evades me like an illusive shadow and the heat of this endless summer night continues to reign, relentless and unforgiving, in my hotbox of a bedroom. An occasional stream of cool air beckons from the gap in my curtains, tantalising and teasing as if to say: "We could offer you relief or we might not. It's fun to keep you guessing." As I lie in bed, left vulnerable to my worries and fears, I am left with no choice but to confront my swirling thoughts one by one. A thought floats by seperate from the rest and I smile: "That's right. I don't have to do this on my own..."

Tomorrow is the first day of a new semester and the day that I go back to university to start a brand new degree. When I was younger, adult life seemed like everything was so much better, proper, easier in the sense of knowing what to do in life. It's not. Those pesky butterflies still visit your ema and anxious thoughts like: "Will my classmates like me?" & "Will I be able to make any friends?", are still valid.
My computer is very very broken and I cannot even comprehend how I'll be able to make it through the semester without one. (I'm writing this on my phone).

And it seems with those three questions my spell of sleeplessness has been broken. My head longs for the embrace of my pillow and my fingers feel heavy. 

Time for sleep and maybe I'll write some more tomorrow. 

Till next time.