Sunday, 1 December 2013

Slowly Climbing Back on the Blog Horse

Insane to the membrane...

So, uh, hey it's been awhile. 

This is really hard. Why? I am someone who suffers from scattered brain syndrome. At the moment I have SO many thoughts and ideas and things that I want to say in my head that I can't actually get them out in a cohesive manner, and therefore they all just stay in the clogged back log of my head until I forget about it.

I have a plan though! At the moment my brain is filled with Whiteboards. I want one! I need to write everything down and be able to see it and this is all I can think of as a solution. (Yes I know there is paper and computers as well the problem is I usually file them away and never look at them.)

So yeah that's what I'm'ma gonna do now... get a Whiteboard.

I'll be back soon!

Maisy xxx

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