Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Little Things That Make Me Happy...

Here is a random list of things I like, in no particular order.

Why??? I dunno, I just feel like it and maybe it's because I have pajamas on my mind!

      • Pajamas
      • Rain - Heavy rain when I'm inside / Light sprinkles when I'm out
      • Lanterns
      • San-X plushies - my ultimate favourite is Mouton-san!
      • Baths
      • Books
      • Scented Candles
      • Small Puppies
      • Coloured pencils
      • French styled furniture
      • Glossy magazines
      • Music
      • Foreign films/TV
      • Perfume
      • Crisp White shirts, walls and curtains
      • The Internet
      • Make up
      • Stylish Stationary
      • Konpeito (A type of Japanese sugar candy)
      • When book spines just seem to go well together on the shelf.
      • My new Fuji Instax Mini
      • Small sized language classes
      • Handwriting
      • Happy snapping - even if I don't know how to use all the settings on my camera
      • Afternoon sunsets
      • Balloons
      • Cake
      • Friends
      • Trying out new things
      • The warm tingly feeling your muscles get while doing the after work out stretch 

It's not a complete list of everything that I like but I think there's enough to leave as is.

Let me know what some of the things are that make you happy!

Till next time!

Maisy xxx

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