Sunday, 4 August 2013

Guess What? I've moved!!!

So I may have made a promise that I couldn't keep in my last post, I'm sorry! I'll try to refrain from promising stuff like that in the future and if I actually carry it through then it'll be a nice surprise. Right are we good now?

This will be a little bit of an update I suppose. If you read the title you will know that I have recently moved! I've moved to the city, (some would say the 'Big Smoke'), temporarily. Although my new place is absolutely lovely and I would love to stay, I'm really just here to help a friend out for about three months whilst she is gallivanting around in foreign places overseas. So I'm looking after her room and things and paying her rent etc. while she is away.

I'm loving the style of her room. Just about everything is white and the room has tonnes of natural light during the day so everything is really bright, which is a huge contrast to my old room where I'm just living for that golden haze in the afternoon. (My house is extremely dark, even during the day.) My family had a joke that it's like involuntary light therapy. Mr Sun: "You're going to light therapy whether you want it or not!"

I'm also back at University. We have just ended the second week of semester. I'm not sure how I'm going to go with these subjects but hopefully I'll be able to pass. Fingers crossed. If I am able to perform well this semester then I'll be able to graduate and finally get out of this never ending degree!

I wasn't able to get the financial aid that I was expecting to so I'm currently looking for part-time work or some sort of sponsorship for living, (seriously if there is a billionaire out there who's feeling charitable I won't say no to a rich benefactor). Although I feel I should note that I was actually still planning on looking for work even if I was to receive financial aid, after all things like that aren't designed to be a permanent source of income. It's definately made things harder and more of a struggle than I really think is necessary at this point and time of my life but it happens. I'm pretty sure you can expect a post about being poor or looking for work some time in the future.

On a more positive note, I really do feel like being here in this nice, clean and new environment has been a blessing and something that I really needed. It's like before I was trapped in a dark closed box and now I've been released...kinda... It's like things are a little more clearer now and my brain is less foggy, messy but less foggy.

On that note I shall leave this post for today and wish you all positive experiences throughout your day today!

Maisy xxx

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  1. Please don't return to the dark box! :(