Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An Update in Song?/Prelude to the End of June

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Okay everybody sing now:
I just don't know~ what to do~ with myself~
I just don't know~ what to do~ with my~self~~~

Sooo that's how I'm feeling at the moment, how is everyone else feeling today?
There are so many things that I want to do and so many things that I NEED, (there is a big difference), to do that I end up just not doing much of anything.

I think I've had writers block these past few weeks...or writers stump. It's not so much about not knowing WHAT to write about more so the HOW to go the right way about it. For example I think I'm going to shuffle the order of my Book Looks; as the next one that was to be out...hmmnn... well... I liked it so much I think I want to read it again before I write about it so that I can do it justice and hopefully give it the full credit it deserves.


Wow I really was stumped! Say hello to future Maisy! Hahaha~

The above was a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I'm in a different space now to when I was writing then and so I'm gonna leave it incomplete.

So here's what you need to know:
There's been a lot 'life' stuff going on in my world lately and not of the nice kind. A lot of it contributed to a lack of inspiration and desire as you may see from the above.
June was not particularly kind to me this year. It's a shame since I have a soft spot for it, due to the fact that my birthday is in June, and for some reason always have expectations that the whole month will be extra special and magical.
I've been so confused and emotionally conflicted that sometimes I feel like a stagnate empty shell and other times like a lost wandering lonely soul. In the world things are not always black and white  and the fogginess of all the different tones of grey can be hard to see through. Sometimes the places that are  meant to be and should be the safest for us are instead poisonous places for us to be.

They'll be some changes in my life which should help me to move forward and start to gain some momentum back in my life. So I'm hoping that this will mean I'll be able to get back to making more frequent posts again.

There will be another post coming up real soon. (Sooner than you think!)

Love you all lots my dear visitors from around the world.

Maisy xxx

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  1. Hey Everyone! Maisy here!

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