Saturday, 20 April 2013

Book Look: New Upcoming Segment!

As I mentioned earlier in my first post I really enjoy reading. I am a lover of stories! It doesn't matter if it's in spoken form, written form, pictures, movies, video games, true, false; I enjoy savouring all forms of story. Sometimes I get into stages where I read so much that I feel like I'm this giant-all-consuming-book-monster. There are also other times where I don't read stories or novels at all because I've had to read so many academic journal articles for uni. I must confess that some of those articles leave me absolutely exhausted after reading them. Linguistics papers can be very interesting and informative but sometimes the topics are so boring and the writing style so academic, that I have to read them multiple times to understand what they're referring to, that each time you read it it feels like part of your soul is being sucked out and drained into the paper. My reading material is usually comics during these times.

My favourite types of books to read would have to be children's fiction and young adult novels. I can recall a time in high school where a friend caught me in the children's fiction area and was he was like: "Get out of there you don't belong there, you're too old to be reading that sort of stuff!". To that I say NO! You are wrong! Just like movies targeted at a younger age group can be enjoyed by adults so can books. If reading these types of books is your secret guilty pleasure then it is time to stop the guilt and join the embrace train and treasure your uniqueness!

~Sorry rant officially over.~

I haven't been able to post as regularly lately due to a lot going on this week, (my apologies), I have a new assignment so will be focusing most of my time and energy into that for the next week. (Unless I magically become super organised and my brain flips its' 'smart'switch back on and finish my work early.)

So I thought it would be nice to just leave a little note, for you my dear readers, to talk a little about the behind workings of an idea I have for some future-themed posts.
When I was younger I had really close friends who liked to read about as much as I do and we had similar, (yet different at the same time if you know what I mean), tastes in stories and books. Due to this we used to share books and even when I moved to the top of the country would post books as presents to my friends for birthdays, as well as receiving for mine. One of my all time favourite authors that I have now was originally introduced to me as a present posted to me from my best friend.
It was great, and then Life happened! Over time, distance, careers and education we all grew apart, still keep in touch every now and then but it's never the same as before, which is okay as well, that's just how life works sometimes. The thing is, now I don't have anyone to talk to about books and discuss characters and story-lines anymore. Which is why I thought why not talk about what I read on my blog to all my lovely readers! Also it'll be a great way to record what I read during the year....hehehe how many will it be this year?

The segments will pretty much just be what I've finished reading lately, what I thought of the book and maybe a bit about the author if I feel like it. It will be a bit like a book review that is not quite a book review, since I don't claim and am not even going to try to pretend to possess the knowledge or skills of a literary critic. That's just not me! I like stories and to me they are just stories.Whilst some of them may contain good messages or point out issues that are prevalent in society I'm really not one to obsess over those types of things. I think you can see it especially with the burst of popularity some books have received over the past years and the crazy fandom that seems to trail behind them. It's like some people don't know how to enjoy a work of fiction without making it become their whole life or believing that it's an earth shattering revelation just because an author tied a few random facts together and then wove it into their story. I personally know people who have had their marriage destroyed by their partners obsession with a novel which I will keep nameless.

Sorry just got carried away and it seems I ended this post all serious.

Books are great fun, they are good exercise for the imagination. I just want to share with you what I'm reading and my thoughts on them, whether I enjoyed it and whether I think you might too!

I hope that you'll all be looking forward to this segment and that you'll find it enjoyable!

As always feel free to leave any suggestions, comments or feedback, I would love love love to hear from you!

Maybe you have suggestions or recommendations of books for me to read? Or maybe you'd like me to read a book and then tell you if I think it's worthwhile reading? Either way let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do. :D

Maisy xxx

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