Friday, 3 May 2013

Where's Maisy???

This is an update on how I spent the end of April and the first new days of May.

So I believe I promised more frequent posts in my last post but alas I do not see them, it's like Maisy has died! (I feel like dying some days as of late.) 

Last week was pretty hectic for me. If you are a regular reader you will know that I had an assignment due last week so was going into hiding for a bit until it was complete. I managed to get it in on time, despite giving up and winging the last question out of frustration. Yay me! 
Then the next day was an event in the city which I attended with the siblingsNot so sunny Sunday ended up being the bowel sickness harbinger of doom and heart burn horrors. 

Recently I really hate going to the doctors, I'm not sure what the reason is though? Has anyone else also had the I.T like experiences with the doctor? 

When I was working in an office and something in my computer wasn't working, it always seemed to be the case that everything would be fine and working by the time the Helpdesk had arrived and then would go back to being broken after they had left. Almost like the computer could feel the aura of an I.T man being emitted on his way over. That's how I somehow feel about going to the doctor. Sometimes I feel like unless they can see evidence of my symptoms, (which always seem to disappear at the visit), they'll just think I'm making it up. (I should note that most of the time the doctors are nice...or if not nice at least professional.) So I normally wait until I'm pretty sick before going to the doctors. 

It was my first time at that particular clinic so I was a bit nervous but my initial visit ended up being pretty uneventful. Lots of miscommunication though. The doctor asked me about my temperature, whilst I was trying to remember all of the symptoms I needed to tell him, and I was like: "That's a good question... I think it's been pretty normal..." He took my temperature and was like you currently have a fever of 38 degrees! I was like "Oh I see....hmmn interesting." Honestly it didn't surprise me, I don't normally seem to notice that I have a fever until it reaches around the 40 degree mark and things start to become not-so-much-fun. 

Since then I have been in and out of the Pathology department, and have semi fasted for at least half of this week. They finally took my blood test today and accepted my 'other' samples of things to be tested. Hopefully now that that's all done I can actually start taking my medication.

So I guess I've just been busy and sick, which was unexpected. Plus the internet has actually been quite unforgiving this week. I fear we might have to get a new modem....or I might need a new computer. Ugh shudder, let's not go there. 

Hopefully this week will be a better story. Anyway thanks for your patience. 

Like always feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion down below.

Maisy xxx

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