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Book Look # 1 Gone Girl

First Book Look post ever!!! Finally~! And for that we get a Yay me!!! \o/

The book is written by Gillian Flynn and titled 'Gone Girl'. I do have to say that this book is quite an adult story for someone with my taste. I heard about this book through various sources. Blogs, reviews, magazines were all talking about it and how amazingly mind blowing it was and I was coming into contact with them all around the same time, so I was like: "It's a sign! Must read this book!".

So I went to Big W, (I think Big W is kinda like Walmart), to get this book and ended up going on a book binge and got 3 books in total. I had been looking at other book stores but so far from what I'd seen Big W has the best deal price wise.

The first few words that come to mind when I think about this book are sociopath, psychotic, insane, crazy... I think you can see where this is going. 
The format of the story is quite interesting as it is split into two parts. It's meant to be a thriller so the first part is like the mystery and main story and the second part kinda like an extended epilogue with an epilogue. If that makes sense? (It makes sense in my head...) It's like the mystery solved section except you've gone back a bit and you're following the mystery as it's still being solved.

It is quite apparent from the start of the story that the author is definately making a statement on various issues and media through the not-so-subtle social commentary woven into the story. As the main characters in the story are a married couple, many of the reviews and comments I had read touted and praised the book for it's refreshing and realistic yet dramatic portrayal of the complexities found in relationships. Honestly I'd have to say after actually reading the book that I disagree with the reviews. I didn't find anything realistic or normal about the main characters and their relationship except for the fact that they were once happily married. For starters one partner in the relationship, although not explicitly stated, comes across as so crazy and psychopathic that one questions why a mental health check was not realised sooner? When you combine these elements with the mind of a brilliant genius you have quite the interesting character to play with. (I haven't stated which half of the relationship this is so it shouldn't spoil it for you if you want to read it.)

This is all fine and well on it's own but when you take all the crazy and then present it in the guise of normal, that's when questions should start to arise. I think that yes it is true that there is a lot of dysfunction in relationships out their today, however I also think that if you found relatable experiences in this book then you need to be talking to the police, a friend or someone. It's true that over time people change, they fall out of love and sometimes in love again I understand that but very very rarely would these things be premeditated. If sociopathy and psychopathic behaviour is considered normal in society, then we really need to be reconstructing the way we think about societal norms. I think that premeditated factor is the key element that the critics overlook in their reviews, it's what changes things from unfortunate effects of time to twisted and psychotic unacceptable behaviour.   

Personally this book is not really my thing. I finished the book in a day and a bit but I was bored in the first half and instead of being compelled to read it because it was so good, it was more just me forcing myself to read it so I could read something else. The second half was a lot easier to read. There were moments when the story was predictable, (well for me at least), and the plot twists weren't that shocking, just annoying in some cases. Finishing the book is satisfying yet unsatisfying at the same time, I'd go into more detail but that would just spoil it for you. Hmmmn looking at this post so far it's kinda negative...ish. Muwahaha! It was something different to what I normally choose to read and it's good to mix it up sometimes and try new things. If you don't try different flavours of books how will you know what's out there and what you may potentially like. I did enjoy the majority of my reading experience....it's just my mind wasn't blown away like all the critics and hype said it would be. I do have to say though, in all honesty, I probably won't ever read this book again. If I had money I was considering doing a give away. (Sorry I'm a poor student at the moment. Gomen ne.)

For those concerned, 'Gone Girl' has (graphic? I'm not sure, because I think some would consider it graphic and some might not) sex scenes and frequent course language through out the book. (Like I said much more adult than my normal children/young adult fiction.)

If you would like to find out more about 'Gone Girl' or the author Gillian Flynn you can check it out HERE.

Everyone is different and even though this one wasn't for me, you might actually enjoy it, it's a New York Times Best Seller so I guess that means lots of people have enjoyed it so far. 

Like always please feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions of something you think I might like to read by leaving a comment or sending a message. I would love to hear from you!

Book Look #2 will be out next Wednesday!

As always signing out with love.

Maisy xxx

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