Monday, 13 May 2013

Case Closed: What the Rain Brings Mystery Solved

This will just be a quick post for now as I have to go to the city pretty soon. I made an appointment where at the time of making it was like: "Oh Tuesdays' not the best day but whatever" and then later it's more like: "I regret this decision!!! Why did I do this to myself??!!". Mmmnnn so yeah.

It was Mother's Day recently in my corner of the world and I got to pick my mum up from the airport. (Having to wake up at some ungodly hour.) We took her out for dinner for belated Mother's Day celebrations, overall the day ended in good spirits quite nicely.

So if you are wondering what's the point of all this random irrelevant babble I'll tell you this: My mum SOLVED the Mysterious Plant Mystery!!! If you have no idea what that is then click HERE before reading the spoiler below.

Later if I have time I kinda want to draw little diagrams of what my mum thinks happened. Don't hold me to it but I shall try. If I do actually do it I'll insert them and the explanation into this post.

Anyway gotta run!

Oh I'm forgetting something you say?????


Turns out the mysterious plant was  a LETTUCE!!!!! My mum plans on eating it later.

Maisy xxx

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