Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What the Rain Brings Can Sometimes be a Surprise to Us All

Does Anyone Know What Plant This Is?

The rain can bring with it many things; a shower, a storm, a memory, emotions of sadness or romance, a colourful sign of hope or destruction. In some places it is desired and in other places despised. Rain can give a sense of our environment being washed and cleansed, it replenishes existing life and transforms the dead of a dry, parched land long forgotten. Everything seems more fresh and more alive as the rain falls awakening new life into existence, to sprout and grow.

Nature is a mystery...

Lately it seems as though the April showers have wanted 

to tarry a bit into May. I love being inside when it rains so

it was my little brother who brought this curiousness to my attention. It seems the rain left a present with this plant neither of us knew growing in random patches of our lawn. My brother noted that the main concentration of growth is in the area that the dog likes to use as a lavatory and wondered what he had been fed to cause this. As the closest thing it looks like to us is lettuce I assured him that the dog does not have magical properties in his urine, he couldn't because honestly who feeds a dog a diet of lettuce?

If anyone is able to identify this plant I would love to know what it is and how it may have got there. It's all very curious to me and I know that we've never seen anything like it before and we've lived in this house for quite some time. If it is a type of lettuce I just don't understand how it could start popping up like daisies all of a sudden. I'd understand if it was near a compost heap or in an old veggie patch but it's growing in the lawn and sporadically placed as well.

If you're good with plant mysteries please help me solve mine. Leave  a comment so that my curious wonderment can be satisfied and this case can be closed, or you can leave a comment guessing what it is.
As always would love to hear from you all.

Maisy xxx

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